Remembering the 90's

An Era of Great Significance

Greg Banks

February 13, 2012
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Get to Know Greg Banks, Music’s Future

It’s no secret that the 90s was an exquisite decade and that those ten years supplied our ears with the beautiful and soulful sounds of some of the most talented music artists that have ever graced the industry.

While many may believe that good music is no longer in existence and that there’s no turning back, Greg Banks, 23, is a musical sensation who proves otherwise.

Banks, who hails from New Orleans, Louisiana is no stranger to good music nor is he a stranger to the stage. Already immersed in the world of music and performance, he has been the opening act for popular artists such as Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Mike Jones, and Jazzy Jeff. He was a finalist in Andre Harrell’s Superstar Soul Search Competition and a winner of a B.E.T College Tour Competition. He has also been featured on many radio stations and local television shows.

Often sporting a bowtie and a fro that stands high, Banks is on his way to even greater success. With a sound that’s smooth, soothing and soulful, he’s sure to take the music industry by storm.

Currently unsigned, he’s working to make a name for himself. He has already released one mix tape in 2007 and one album in 2009, both entitled The Time Is Now. He’s currently finishing up his second independent album titled Gentlemen’s Journal with the current single being a melodic record called ”Soul.”

The quality of music has taken such a drastic fall in current times and listening to most radio stations doesn’t bring about that same great feeling it once did back when music had meaning, back when it had heart. Most of today’s music is full of vulgarity, lacking taste. Therefore, when an artist comes along and humbly expresses his or herself through their music with class, dignity and confidence just as Banks does, people must stop and listen.

When did you first realize your passion for music?

Banks: I first realized my passion for music at 7. I embraced it and began taking the necessary steps toward making it a career at 16.

Being from New Orleans, Louisiana, how has that influenced your music?

Banks: Growing up in the great city of New Orleans, funky grooves are everywhere. We have traditional Second- Lines, “a jazz funeral without a body,” very often and as a child I’d follow the music for as many blocks as my mom would allow. I learned to feel the music!

Has 1990s music influenced you in any way as an artist? If so, how? Who were some of your favorite artists from that time?

Banks: 90′s music was my first introduction to music. My first cassette tape was that of “Immature.” Some of my biggest influences of that time are Maxwell, D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill & Johnny Gill to name a few. 90′s music was about having a good time & sharing with the world your love for someone or life itself. Will Smith had me wishing I grew up in Philly during the “SUMMERTIME.”

Who are your greatest musical influences of all time? Why?

Banks: My greatest musical influences of all time are Prince, Stevie Wonder & Sam Cooke. These men all defied the odds and broke the molds of the norm creating music that will forever live on!

How do you describe your musical genre/sound?

Banks: I’d say my music is Neo-Soul/ Funk with a hint of the natural jazz embedded in me as a New Orleanian.

What do you want people to gain from listening to your music?

Banks: I want people to gain truth of self when listening to my music. I share true experiences from conscious awareness to metaphoric love stories, all of which warrant a listener to reflect and apply wherever they see fit.

How do you feel about today’s music? Are you pleased or displeased?

Banks: My position on today’s music is: I respect the creation of different art forms, but I don’t care for the misleading information that’s propelling our youth down a road to shallow insecurities. It’s losing the love, & self respect.

What makes you different from other artists?

Banks: What makes me different from other artists is the honest fact that I am. I embrace my slender build, wear my pants above my ankles & grow a fro because the barber is too expensive. I don’t care about the flashy cars or being seen with the hottest woman. With no intention to downplay anyone, I do it for the love, lovers of life & soul music.

What has been your greatest experience so far as a performer?

Banks: My greatest experience so far has been performing at S.O.B’s NYC. Only being in New York 3 months & performing at such a well known venue was a great accomplishment. I felt that the people there felt me, they understood my approach to music, & Eric Roberson named me “Mr. Falsetto.”

Other than being a singer/songwriter, what other things do you pursue? Acting? Modeling?

Banks: I also model. I’ve done a few commercials, no serious acting yet. I am the male face of a great natural hair care line called Doris New York. There will be a huge campaign this spring.

What is the biggest career goal that you have for yourself? Where do you see yourself in the future?

Banks: My biggest career goal is to have music become my full time career & become a prevalent face in the male modeling world. I desire to inspire, uplift & educate my listeners. In the very near future I see myself doing just that, traveling the world, sharing my art.

By throwing his own flavor on a song, when Banks does musical covers of other artists such as Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly, and Maxwell, the records become his own.

Check out Banks performing a 90s hit, Maxwell’s “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever.”


This month, Greg Banks will be performing live at:

B.B. King Blues Club in NYC on 2/22/12

D.C. Fashion Week on 2/25/12

Keep up with Greg Banks at:
Twitter: @GregBanksMusic
Facebook: GregBanks


February 12, 2012
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Remembering Whitney Houston: The Passing of a Legend

August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012

Yesterday, February 11, 2012, the world lost one of the greatest talents that has ever graced the Earth, Whitney Houston. She was 48 years old.

She leaves behind her only child, her daughter with fellow entertainer and ex-husband Bobby Brown, 18 year old Bobbi Kristina.

Whitney with Bobbi Kristina.

Following in the footsteps of her Award-winning musical family members: her soul and gospel singer mother, Cissy Houston; cousin, Dionne Warwick; and godmother, Aretha Franklin, Whitney graced the music industry with her God-given talent.

Whitney with her mother, Cissy Houston, in 1987.

In 1985, her debut album, self-entitled Whitney Houston, showcased her immense vocal range and the world took immediate notice. With record producer and music industry executive Clive Davis as her mentor, Whitney was destined for success.

Whitney with Clive in 1983.

Whitney with Clive in 2009.

Being most recognized for her incredible one of a kind voice, Whitney became a household name and an immediate favorite amongst both music critics and listeners. It has been stated that her record breaking debut album ”topped the Billboard 200 chart for fourteen weeks in 1986 and generated three number-one singles—”Saving All My Love for You,” “How Will I Know” and “Greatest Love of All”—on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it the first debut album and the first album by a female artist to achieve that feat.” It was a global success and from then on, there was no stopping Whitney.

She went on to release 7 more successful albums, Whitney (1987), I’m Your Baby Tonight (1990), My Love is Your Love (1998), Whitney: The Greatest Hits (2000), Just Whitney (2002), One Wish: The Holiday Album (2003), and the most recent I Look to You in 2009. She also produced alongside Babyface, the classic and highly favorable Waiting to Exhale soundtrack. The soundtrack included the hits “Exhale (Shoop Shoop),” “Count on Me” ft CeCe Winans and “Why Does It Hurt So Bad.”

Having more talent than one, Whitney also modeled for well known magazines such as Glamour, Cosmoplolitan, Young Miss and Seventeen, of which she was one of the first models of color to grace their cover.

18 year old Whitney on the cover of Seventeen Magazine.

She starred in the popular films, The Bodyguard, Waiting to Exhale, The Preacher’s Wife and Cinderella alongside fellow songstress Brandy Norwood who looked up to and admired her.

Recently, Whitney had been filming the remake to the classic 1970s film, Sparkle, alongside singer Jordin Sparks who plays her daughter, and actors Tika Sumpter, Derek Luke and Mike Epps. The remake wrapped filming before Whitney’s untimely death and is set to be released in August as planned.

Whitney and Jordin on the set of Sparkle.

According to Guinness World Records, she was the most awarded female artist of all time. At the time of the recognition, she had 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards, among a total of 415 career awards as of 2010. She also held the all-time record for the most American Music Awards of any single artist and shared the record with the late and great Michael Jackson for the most AMAs ever won in a single year with 8 wins in 1994.

The iconic songstress with numerous hits, awards, and millions of fans had a life full of success and even when her personal struggles were publicized in the media, she never lost her title as the “Queen of Pop.” Whitney’s talents were undeniable and her true supporters loved and continue to love her still.

All are stunned and in utter disbelief of the passing of this great and legendary woman.

Her life will forever be remembered through her music, films and family.

(Note: Whitney Houston’s career started long before the 90s and continued on long after, so remembers her life as a whole.)


September 2, 2011

My So-Called Life



My So-Called Life was a teen television series that ran from 1994-1995. Despite the fact that this show only had one season, it definitely proved to be watch worthy. The series captured the true essence of teen life and all of the drama that comes with it. From family issues and high school crushes to problems with alcohol and out of control parties, My So-Called Life had it all.


Claire Danes as Angela Chase


Angela Chase is a 15 year old girl who just wants to be content in life. She’s your average teen girl with the want and need to be loved and accepted. She deals with multiple things such as friendship issues with her childhood best friend, Sharon; a huge crush on a hot yet distant classmate, Jordan; new friendships with cool yet misunderstood Rayanne and Rickie; and a next door neighbor who obviously wants to be more than just friends. Angela’s life is very interesting, for sure. 


A.J. Langer as Rayanne Graff

Rayanne is an outgoing and outrageous girl who just doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about what others think of her, or at least that’s what she wants others to believe. She gives off the vibe of a wild girl who just likes to party and drink and although she does like to do those things, deep down there’s more to Rayanne than most know. Just like us all, she’s misunderstood and judged constantly just for being herself. Despite being polar opposites, Rayanne and Angela become close friends, even “best friends”, and they come to care about one another.

Wilson Cruz as Rickie Vasquez

Rickie is Angela and Rayanne’s best guy pal. He’s sweet and friendly, but not everyone completely understands him. Rickie, like many other teenagers deals with sexuality issues. Being a gay young man in a world full of immature and judgmental teenagers puts a strain on Rickie, no doubt, but he wouldn’t change himself for anyone. It’s just the way he is and no one can change that fact. Rickie refuses to let bullying and  harsh words from his peers stop him from being himself. Even though at times it is hard to do, he manages to hold his head up high.

Devon Odessa as Sharon Cherski


Sharon and Angela were best friends since the time the two of them were very young and little girls. Up until high school, the two of them were inseparable and just like sisters. Just like most friendships, there’s suffered a rough patch. Angela found the likes of Rayanne and Rickie which caused her to somewhat forget all about her childhood friend, Sharon. The two began not speaking and things became really cold between them. Angela isn’t there when Sharon needs her and Sharon, like any rational thinker, feels abandoned. Even with all of their troubles, things finally start to look up for both Sharon and Angela.


Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano

Jordan Catalano is the school stud, the  hottie, and whatever other name you can think of to descibe his cuteness. The main thing he happens to be is the guy that Angela is crushing on. Even though he refuses to admit it to any of his friends or even Angela for that matter, he likes her too. Although he gives off this bad boy vibe and sometimes acts as if he’s too cool to speak, he has a good heart. He and Angela get involved with one another and get close, but eventually things get in the way of their odd and so-called ”relationship”. Maybe they’re just meant to be friends. 

Devon Gummersall as Brian Krakow

Krakow, as Angela likes to call him, is her next door neighbor and childhood friend. He likes, rather loves Angela but she is so blind to the fact. Krakow is your average sweet guy who gets overlooked and fails to get the girl of his dreams because he’s lost her to someone like Jordan Catalano. You kind of want things to go right for Krakow, but will they?
Here are some cast photos:


August 20, 2011

Celebrity Deathmatch

Now, I know that you all remember Celebrity Deathmatch. I can still envision my cousin and I watching countless episodes of this show. We loved it! Along with the multiple celebrity fighters, the two hosts and referee were hilarious!

One vivid memory of this show that I have still to this day is the match between Mariah Carey and Jim Carrey. Mariah defeated Jim when she sang a really high note and held it, causing his head to explode! *laughs* Gotta love it!

Other matches included:

Hillary Clinton vs. Monica Lewinsky

Spike Lee vs. Quentin Tarantino

Adam Sandler vs. Chris Rock


Even the Spice Girls took part in the action!

Spice Girls


What can you remember?


August 20, 2011
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Slappy the Dummy

Goosebumps books and episodes were awesome, no doubt about it. But am I the only one who was and still is terrified of this puppet and others like it?

Slappy, is definitely not your average puppet/doll. He can come to life! As the book cover says, “He walks. He stalks…” Creepy….

Dont let that smile fool you...